new projects

with rare spare time i decided to begin a few new projects, so i will be posting with details of those in the coming days. i already added summaries to the project page and will continue to fill those out as i progress.

Clear modem password change

Just a heads up to anyone who has clear. They changed the default password on the CPEi150 from ‘motorola’ to ‘CLEAR123′.

clear wimax

so far i have been very pleased with clear’s service, usually getting 4-5 mbps down and 500kbps up. i must be pretty close to a tower as i have a steady 5 bars of service. i’ve still been looking for a way to disable the NAT on the modem but according to this guy there should at least be a work around using a DMZ to the router (ill have to try this later, haven’t really had time yet).

webserver update

recently i have had time to work on the webserver portion of my rover project and have been making reasonable progress rewriting the code from scratch. there still is a good bit of work to do before the board is ready to host a website but i’m getting there.

currently works:

    serial port control
    ethernet chip configuration
    accessing eval board hardware

needs work:

    flash memory
    tcp/ip stack
    http server
    i2c bus (written but not tested)

WiMax in Atlanta!

If you haven’t noticed already, there is WiMax in Atlanta through a company called Clear. Well, I got my modem in yesterday to try them out (if all goes well I will finally get to drop Comcast). The modem they sent was a brand new Motorola CPEi 150. Upon plugging it in it started it connection sequence and was up and connected in a minute or so with full signal.

I have a couple issues with the info provided with the modem. First of all is that fact that it is actually a router and a modem. To access the config page for the unit just use its IP address (default is and the default password is “motorola” (This wasn’t provided with the unit, I had to dig around and figure it out). Unfortunately the router can’t be turned off or bypassed. The DHCP can be disabled but the unit will still provide NAT. There is supposed to be an option to disable the NAT but Clear has disabled that option.

For anyone interested here is the user guide for the modem.
Motorola CPEi 150 User Guide

board constructed

i finished soldering the motor controller board. there still needs to be connectors for the motors and to the web interface. once the board is mounted on the platform i’ll add a switch between the battery and the board (the black and red wires go to a 9V connector)

Motor Controller Board Top

Motor Controller Board Top

Motor Conrtoller Board Bottom

Motor Conrtoller Board Bottom

network control – delayed

the wiznet board came in and i got it up and running, all is well with it. until i started looking at how to write a website for it. the code on the atmega is hard coded to work with the one demo website they included. so until i can get a programmer for the atmega128 and fix the code the network control will be at a standstill. over the long haul i’m thinking of completely rewriting the interface between the website and the board to allow for much greater flexibility, but just for now ill add my own hard coded options

network control

Embedded Web Server

Embedded Web Server

so now that the motors are spinning and working as they should, i am going to start working on a control mechanism. for starters i decided to have it controlled over the internet (what self respecting robot doesn’t have internet access). to accomplish this i’m going to use an embedded web server from WIZnet.

hopefully ill have it driving aroud over the internet (well local network for now) by the end of the week. if all goes well with this i will probably add a wireless interface to give it true freedom.

rover breadboard

i finally got around to hooking things up to make sure it is all going to work. the first step was to build the circuit out on a breadboard and get the motors spinning. independent control of the motors is working from the pic, so everything is go to start mounting parts on a pc board (its one of the last useful things from radio shack).

here is a shot of the breadboard circuit spinning the wheels:

Protoboard Rover

Breadboard Rover

site upgrade

i just upgraded the site to wordpress 2.7. if you notice any odd behavior let me know and i will look into it, thanks