Archive for August 5, 2009

clear wimax

so far i have been very pleased with clear’s service, usually getting 4-5 mbps down and 500kbps up. i must be pretty close to a tower as i have a steady 5 bars of service. i’ve still been looking for a way to disable the NAT on the modem but according to this guy there should at least be a work around using a DMZ to the router (ill have to try this later, haven’t really had time yet).

webserver update

recently i have had time to work on the webserver portion of my rover project and have been making reasonable progress rewriting the code from scratch. there still is a good bit of work to do before the board is ready to host a website but i’m getting there.

currently works:

    serial port control
    ethernet chip configuration
    accessing eval board hardware

needs work:

    flash memory
    tcp/ip stack
    http server
    i2c bus (written but not tested)