webserver update

recently i have had time to work on the webserver portion of my rover project and have been making reasonable progress rewriting the code from scratch. there still is a good bit of work to do before the board is ready to host a website but i’m getting there.

currently works:

    serial port control
    ethernet chip configuration
    accessing eval board hardware

needs work:

    flash memory
    tcp/ip stack
    http server
    i2c bus (written but not tested)


  1. AKLitman says:

    Hello Macks. I spotted your entry on the WIZ200WEB module. Mine is due to arrive this week. I have had good success with several AVR models and am delving into Ethernet with this new device. In reading over the User Manual and trying out some of their tools, I share your feelings on what they make available. It is a start, though, and I hope to learn by doing. I hope you won’t mind if I pick your brain over a couple items.

    I am using Studio 4 and and AVR Programmer that uses the ISP (MISO – MOSI) pins. Because they appear to have another device attached to the MISO/MOSI pins, do you know if the SPI pins are still a good way to program the AVR? Is it the method you are using or do you use some other programmer connection?

    Good luck with your device,

  2. themacks says:

    Sorry it took so long for a response. Life got crazy. I am using the ISP header on the evaluation board. This works just fine with a cheap programmer off ebay. Studio 4 can be a little flaky with it some times though. I welcome any questions and hope I can help. Good Luck.