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WiMax in Atlanta!

If you haven’t noticed already, there is WiMax in Atlanta through a company called Clear. Well, I got my modem in yesterday to try them out (if all goes well I will finally get to drop Comcast). The modem they sent was a brand new Motorola CPEi 150. Upon plugging it in it started it connection sequence and was up and connected in a minute or so with full signal.

I have a couple issues with the info provided with the modem. First of all is that fact that it is actually a router and a modem. To access the config page for the unit just use its IP address (default is and the default password is “motorola” (This wasn’t provided with the unit, I had to dig around and figure it out). Unfortunately the router can’t be turned off or bypassed. The DHCP can be disabled but the unit will still provide NAT. There is supposed to be an option to disable the NAT but Clear has disabled that option.

For anyone interested here is the user guide for the modem.
Motorola CPEi 150 User Guide