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webserver update

recently i have had time to work on the webserver portion of my rover project and have been making reasonable progress rewriting the code from scratch. there still is a good bit of work to do before the board is ready to host a website but i’m getting there.

currently works:

    serial port control
    ethernet chip configuration
    accessing eval board hardware

needs work:

    flash memory
    tcp/ip stack
    http server
    i2c bus (written but not tested)

network control – delayed

the wiznet board came in and i got it up and running, all is well with it. until i started looking at how to write a website for it. the code on the atmega is hard coded to work with the one demo website they included. so until i can get a programmer for the atmega128 and fix the code the network control will be at a standstill. over the long haul i’m thinking of completely rewriting the interface between the website and the board to allow for much greater flexibility, but just for now ill add my own hard coded options